“It is where Brenda knows everyone’s name” –Katrina

“Breakfast or lunch, traditional or made to order, the best in the city.” –Mike G.

“Best damn food in town” –Louis

“The best people and the best food in town!” –Steve

“The Hilton Head is my favorite sandwich in Boston.” –Kerri

“The contessa of Canal Street dishes up the best sandwich in Boston!” –Dona R

“Mulligans makes the best sandwiches in Boston” –Roger

“Love the Hilton Head!” –Jessica

“The Augusta National is so good it should be in its own food group” –Leo

“With the name Mulligans I’ll take the extra shot!” –John H.

“I get the Pinehurst at least twice a week” –Larry

“The best Reuben this side of N.Y. City”

“I thought my mother cooked a good turkey, until I had Mulligans” –Molly

“The best thing about Mulligans is that every sandwich is “Taylor Made” –Mary

“Mulligans steak bombs are the bomb”

“Two steps from my office, and the tastiest, freshest sandwich out there!”

“Mulligans is great! Ask for the shot of the day, you can’t miss!” –J.D.